Taizi Pharma Pvt. Ltd. is an India-based Pharmaceutical Company. The company’s headquarter is in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. Taizi Pharma started with Pediatric Division in 2016 and successfully launched Respiratory & Derma Divisions in 2019 and Incorporated in the year 2020. Taizi Pharma company focused on the marketing of innovative and unique segment Pharmaceutical products. Taizi Pharma is a leading player in the Pharmaceutical Industry specialized in the Respiratory, Pediatric, & Derma products. Taizi Pharma is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company promoted by a team of dedicated professionals' who come from similar fields.

Taizi Pharma is a company which focuses on to continuously providing the highest quality products to the medical treatment that will enhance the quality of million lives worldwide. Taizi Pharma has been working to advance healthcare for people around the world. Taizi Pharma has evolved into a diversified health care company that discovers, develops, and manufacturers and markets innovative products & services. Taizi Pharma is the most renowned organization and trusted brand. We have greater connectivity across. Most of our Manufacturing plants are USFDA approved plants.

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At Taizi, we believe a united team and safe environment promote culture. We do this by trusting our team and partners. We openly communicate and hold each other accountable in a respectful way.


Our vision is to become a global leading provider of innovative and high quality medicinal solutions, with integrity, consistency, efficiency and a passion to bring new ideas and technologies to the market.


Our mission is to deliver quality products and technologies that contribute to the improvement of the quality of life for a wide range of patients, in an affordable way that makes no compromises on quality.

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Our Culture

At Taizi, collaboration drives how we achieve results. By putting the goals of the Company first, we aim to make a difference both as individuals and as part of a team. We do all that we can to do our best work every day; working collaboratively towards goals which are met most effectively by valuing the importance of working together. Below are some of our guiding principles that inform how we collaborate with excellence.

Our Value Proposition

We work collaboratively to build long-term relationships that reward partners, benefit consumers and support communities.

We are inspired by our work and the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of patients, their families and health care providers.
  • Our work matters and is meaningful, important and challenging. What we do makes a difference
  • We take pride in our ability to work together to solve difficult problems
  • Our energy is spent on how to make things happen and innovate where possible
  • We are actively interested in and concerned for the success of every team member
  • When conflicts or differences arise we go directly to the individual(s) to find a path forward
  • We are known for our ability to work together and to accomplish great things
We listen first. We value the perspective of our colleagues knowing that they have a point of view which is important to hear and understand
  • We are each responsible for creating an environment where we work diligently to solve problems and technical challenges
  • We encourage everyone to have a voice and the opportunity to contribute through a frank exchange of ideas and perspective. We are able to admit doubts and mistakes and to move forward, together
  • We assume positive intent and keep the best interest of Taizi at the forefront, always
  • We are critical thinkers and do not criticize others, ever
We can be counted upon to persevere and deliver timely results. We have a relentless focus on achieving our goals
  • We share the accountability for defining clear roles, plans, and aligned goals
  • We are mindful of being cost efficient and view our financial decisions as investments in our future
  • The quality and excellence of our work is of extreme importance
  • When we have a difference of opinion or approach we work together to find a solution and once identified, we support that decision
  • We have an unrelenting passion to learn from our successes and failures
  • We support the efforts of our colleagues and trust them to achieve
  • Value and encourage independent thinking and different points of view. We believe that there is always more than one “right way”. Build on the ideas of others
  • Actively listen to not only the content of what someone is communicating but also the perspective and importance to your colleague. Make sure that your colleagues know they are being heard
  • Keep all forms of communication clear, concise, and to the point.
  • We have zero tolerance for negative behavior
  • Meetings – be prepared, be on time, provide an agenda, be an active participant, stay focused and end on time. Importantly, end meetings with a clear understanding of what was decided and who needs to know
  • Offer, welcome and realize the value of constructive feedback and course corrections. Delivery should happen face-to-face rather than through e-mail or through other people
  • Celebrate Success and be a relentless learner
  • Treat each other respectfully; with honesty and candor. Be plainspoken and direct
  • Frankly exchange views, even controversial review of problems and mistakes without fear of blame
  • Recognize and celebrate employee contributions, reward individual and team performance, and create a positive environment directed towards high achievement
  • Honor confidentiality and build trust by being someone others count on.
  • Respect team members’ and partners’ time and opinions, regardless of title and position.
  • Consider the perspectives of all stakeholders, while always keeping the interests of Taizi first and foremost
  • Take personal ownership and responsibility to achieve results.
  • Honor your commitments, timelines, deadlines and budgets
  • We trust our colleagues to deliver.
  • Communicate the purpose and plan with your teams
  • Inform early and often if commitments cannot be met and why. Offer solutions of what can be done
  • Involve your team in seeking solutions to challenging problems
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Our Certificates

Taizi Pharma is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company promoted by a team of dedicated professionals' who come from similar fields.

Most of our Manufacturing plants are USFDA approved plants

Our Divisions
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Xenovia products in bangalore